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Below you will find the first 10 questions for the 30 question assessment that we will discuss during your complimentary discovery session! To take the remainder of the assessment please book your discovery session by clicking the button below!

Pre-Assessment Questions 1-10

How Strong is Your Personal Financial Plan Is your personal financial plan solid or do you have some work to do?

One of the top reasons people are stressed is financial. Debt, overspending, poor budgeting, and lack of investment know-how often lead to marital break-ups, anxiety, depression and poor health; to name a few.


Many people are not trained in or aware of how to create a solid personal financial plan. People think that their plans are effective when really they are not. This measure assesses many aspects of a personal financial plan to see whether you have areas to work on or improve upon.


The results will indicate how strong your personal financial planning currently is and whether it is advised that you start from scratch or get some assistance. Please complete all items.


Rate each item on a scale of 1-5. Please choose one number and do not write a decimal, such as 3.5. Select the answer that best represents your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors regarding your financial plan. Choose how true each statement is for you.

(1=Less True and 5=More True)

1. I have a personal financial plan in writing that outlines my planned expenditures over the next several years. ___________

2. I have consulted with a financial specialist regarding my personal and professional financial future. ___________

3. My financial plan has a large cushion built in for unanticipated costs or investments. ___________

4. I have consulted an accountant and I have a system to keep track of expenses and income. ___________

5. My financial plan includes fixed and variable expenses plus an emergency fund. ___________

6. My financial plan reflects and separates out recurring costs. ___________

7. My financial plan is analyzed and updated regularly ___________

8. My financial plan includes predicted costs for household expenses. ___________

9. I have projected income for the next several years based on my discussions with my employer or my business plan. ___________


10. My financial plan includes a budget for expenses including vacation costs, family costs, entertainment, lunches or dinners. ___________

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