Girl, You're a Queen

Girl, You’re a Queen is a self-help book for healing heartbreak through the archetype of the tarot cards. It seamlessly blends together the physical and metaphysical aspects of healing from a breakup in order to empower women to become the High Priestess of their own lives. This book focuses on a woman’s innate worth as a queen of her own life and is designed to assist women in re-building their lives after heartache, loss and emotional abuse. Touching upon meditative practices, psychological theories and spiritual guidance, Girl, You’re a Queen, hands the power back to the reader in a practical way with the use of journal prompts, humor and a different perspective on what it means to be whole. There is no right way of doing things when it comes to healing-this book serves to remind the reader about the power of choice, the power of thought and the power that has always existed within.



Girl, You're a Queen:Soulful Wholeness E-Course

You know you deserve more from yourself and from your love life, but the thought of letting go of your old identity in order to create a new one feels downright confusing. Where do I even start? How do I get from where I am to where I want to be? What is self-love anyway? 

Hey, I've been there. I, too, know what it's like to be on this path of self-discovery and feeling my way through the metaphorical darkness and just wanting to be free of my limiting beliefs. And because I have lived through it I can tell you with all certainty that this is possible for you too! 



  • You are healing toxic shame and re-claiming your power

  • You are looking to deepen the relationship you have with yourself

  • You desire authentic transformation 

  • You are tired of playing small in your life

  • You know you can have a full, rich and juicy life 

  • You want to integrate all you have learned in the Girl, You're a Queen book


  • You are not committed to yourself and understanding yourself on a deep level

  • You are looking for a quick fix for healing

  • You do not want to put in the work

  • You are already living as your High Priestess self and need no further guidance or assistance 

In other words if you were to close your eyes right now and imagine yourself free of the toxic shame and the lie that you are not good enough. You see yourself living your best life because you know exactly what you need to make you happy! If this thought lights you up; if you have butterflies in your stomach and you find yourself leaning forward; if you feel an innate sense of joy and freedom in your body then this program is perfect for you.

Most people who try to do this work by themselves get burned out, tired and then stop. When you go it alone you often miss the most important steps for getting out of your head and not finishing because you can't see what you are missing. Sometimes your home environment is not set up for you to succeed and you need support, guidance, structure and a mentor who has been there.

You're going to need help because your success depends on it!

I've created a program that allows you to get the results you want without working alone in the dark to make that happen.

I call it Soulful Wholeness.

This program allows you to release shame, heal codependency and dive deep into your inner masculine and feminine energies so you can live in love and joy and finally have the freedom from your past that you desire.

Here's how it works: Soulful Wholeness is a 5-week program designed to have you living in alignment with yourself. It includes:



  • LIVE Integration Sessions 

    The total value of this package is $2,500. To do the work with me privately would be $5,000+ depending on your specific needs. But because you're here and deciding to invest in yourself today, I want to make you a special offer of just $997 (Silver Membership Option 4 payments of $250).


Image by George Pagan III

You know this is right for you if you are feeling tired of the same story about not being enough. I like to work with people who are clear and willing to put forth 100% on their inner work and transformation. Maybe you are nervous or you know you'll need to re-prioritize some money to make this happen, and I get this-this is a great thing! Because it means you are going to re-prioritize your results. 

If you have questions to further determine if this program is right for you-I am here to answer them! Otherwise-simply click below and enroll today! 

I can't wait to see you living your very best life!


 Healing Anxiety and Anxious Attachment

  • What is Anxious Attachment and why do I have it?

  • Journal Prompts to Expand

  • Practical Tools for Healing

  • Diving Deeper: Video Your Brain on Anxiety

  • The Co-Dependent Assessment

  • Gut Health and Your Mood

  • Steps to Heal

  • Integration with Body Movement


Addressing the Inner Child

  • Bridging the Gap Between your Adult Self and your Inner Child

  • Journal Prompts for Expansion

  • Inner Child Meditation

  • Soul Work (homework assignment to connect with your innocence) 


Healing the Inner Masculine

  • Masculine and Feminine Energies Explained

  • Toxic Masculine Energy vs. Healthy Masculine Energy

  • Journal Prompts to Expand

  • More Tools for Healing

  • Foods to Support the Liver

  • Diving Deeper: A Short Video Expanding on Masculine Energy

  • Soul Work: Getting to Know Your Inner Masculine.


Healing The Inner Feminine

  • Healthy Feminine Energy vs. Toxic Feminine Energy

  • Journal Prompts to Expand

  • More Tools for Healing

  • Diving Deeper: A Short Video Expanding on Feminine Energy

  • Soul Work: Getting to Know your Inner Feminine


Inner Union

  • The Importance of your Mars and Venus Energies

  • The Zodiac Signs at a Glance

  • Snippets of Mars Energies

  • Snippets of Venus Energies

  • Journal Prompts to Expand

  • Diving Deeper: A short Video Expanding on Inner Union

  • Soul Work: Your Own Inner Union