Holistic Money Coaching Pre-Assessment

How Strong is Your Personal Financial Plan?

Is your personal financial plan solid or do you have some work to do?

One of the top reasons people are stressed is financial. Debt, overspending, poor budgeting, and lack of investment know-how often lead to marital break-ups, anxiety, depression and poor health; to name a few. Many people are not trained in or aware of how to create a solid personal financial plan. People think that their plans are effective when really they are not. This measure assesses many aspects of a personal financial plan to see whether you have areas to work on or improve upon. The results will indicate how strong your personal financial planning currently is and whether it is advised that you start from scratch or get some assistance.

The Holistic Money Coaching Sessions

Let's face it-money can feel complicated! Not only is it challenging for a lot of people to budget and maintain, but are also a whole host of emotions related to money and I'm guessing if you are reading this and considering coaching-then chances are good your emotions about money might not be so positive right now. Believe me, I get it!

I want to help shift your mindset about money and I want to show you just how uncomplicated money can be. Below you will find a brief description of the four different 90 minute sessions we will work through together to help guide you toward a healthier mindset about your financial fitness and leave you feeling empowered and ready to embark on a healthier relationship with money.


Your complimentary discovery session will consist of answering 30 assessment questions designed to help you see what your current financial situation is and where there could be room for improvement. We will discuss what to expect from each of our sessions together and determine whether working together is a good fit.

Session 1

Understanding your relationship with money. In this 90 minute session we will cover:

  • Getting clear on what you want from your relationship with money.

  • Understanding the numbers and the importance of money in your life

  • Unpacking your behaviors with money and where those behaviors may have started

  • The importance of forgiveness when it comes to money

  • Understanding how self-esteem impacts your financial goals and current situation

  • Creating your ideal future 

Session 2

Developing a holistic spending plan. In this 90 minute session we will cover:

  • Understanding your spending habits

  • Uncovering how you truly feel about money 

  • Recognizing money as energy 

  • Understanding the numbers and creating a cash stash

  • Changing the narrative with money and creating a brighter future

  • The importance of gratitude and the effect it has on finances 

Session 3

Developing a holistic savings plan. In this 90 minute session we will cover:

  • Envisioning your ideal future-Bridging the gap between what you want and where you are

  • Creating a holistic gift-giving spending plan 

  • Understanding the numbers and creative ways to save

  • Releasing the blocks to an abundant future 

  • Getting clear on your wants versus your needs 

  • Uncovering your behaviors with splurging 

Session 4

Developing a holistic investment plan. In this 90 minute session we will cover:

  • A deeper dive into your money beliefs

  • Your ideal future as a financially free person

  • Understanding the numbers and defining your value

  • Re-establishing trust and faith in money

  • Changing the narrative on "emergency funds"

  • Investing and your emotions