Meet Natalie

Empowerment Coach & Healing Guide

Hello You! Consider me here to serve as a catalyst for your own personal growth and transformation. I am here to help guide you to your deeper truths and to facilitate your own healing within. YOU have all the answers. You are your own best guide in life and I firmly believe that you KNOW what you need in order to heal. My approach with healing is person centered with a focus on trauma and attachment theory. To me, those are some of the deepest wounds we carry knowingly or not, which can contribute to a whole host of issues in our lives. I firmly believe that when you know yourself intimately and when you can see into your own depths and shadows with love and compassion, only then can you heal. My intention is to facilitate the change and hold space for you as you deepen your relationship with yourself whether that be through coaching programs, energy work or other healing modalities.

Master of Science in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (October 2018)
Quantum Reiki Master
200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher (Yandara Yoga)
Certification in Somatic Approaches to Healing Trauma

EFT Certified Practitioner

Ho'oponopono Certified Practitioner


What I Specialize In

Energy Clearings


North Node


Inner Child Healing

Health & Wellness






Money Coaching


The Journey Towards Becoming Whole Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Natalie does some POWERFUL past life clearing and intuitive Reiki 😍💕 seriously never felt such warm and amazing energy coming off of a human"

- Olivia Buckingham

Oh my gosh, she helped me do some clearing out of old energy, not only from my present, but from my entire life, and my many lifetimes back through the ages! She is gentle, kind and knowledgeable. She asked pertinent questions and blessed me more than she can ever know. I walked out of there feeling so much lighter! More on this after I've had some time to process it all! Thank You and Bless You Natalie Sophia!”

-Hawk Havorath

Natalie is an extra-ordinary facilitator supporting the body-psyche's natural drive towards wholeness. I have worked with oodles of somatic and energy healers as well as master teachers of psychology. Natalie skillfully weaves these modalities together which gifted me with levels of healing I had not received before. I am grateful for her deep hearted kindness as she fiercely enters into the dark places many fear to go. ”

-Kathleen Prophet

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